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Oshikiri Products

The Oshikiri Denki lines of electricity powered restaurant equipment

JRT 2000

JRT Noodle Vacuum Dryer

The JRT is designed to quickly dry noodles that have just been removed from boiling water.

Gas Rice Pressure Cooker

Commercial grade gas pressure cookers give a new choice. JPC1000

Mighty Mikey

The Mighty Mikey helps to bring the overlooked art of pressure cooking back to the commercial kitchen.

Rice Washer

The MJP Rice Washer is a commercial use rice washer.

High Pressure Vessel

High Pressure Vessel

The only one ASME certified high pressure vessel with patented safety cap assembly

Vegetable Slicers

They will yield perfect results every time! 

Electric Tsumakiri

Quick and easy electric garnish slicer

AIHO Food Slicer

A multifunctional slicer that efficiently cuts large amounts of leafy vegetables to root vegetables.


The Vegg-Q is an extremely versatile tool for chefs to use.


A new twist to mandolin slicing that's easier, safer, and faster.


Make sliced vegetable in seconds at home.

Trifecta Griddle

Three Equipments in One! Teppanyaki, Takoyaki or Gyoza, simply exchange the cooking plates.

Gyoza Hot Plates

Low cost, yet loaded with convenient features and functions.

Gyoza Maker

The innovative roller output system for securely wrapping dumplings

Bun Steamer

Bun Steamer

Easy operation, easy cleaning and good-looking bun Steaming unit

Sake Warmers

Now you can choose from 12 different models to serve your best needs.

Magical Fish Scale Remover

Next Generation descaler conceived and created by chefs

Sharpening Stones

Primary use is to sharpen kitchen knives.

Water Rolling Sharpener

Lubricates as it sharpens resulting in superior sharpness. KC300/Max4G

Sushi Showcases

Now you can choose from 12 different models to serve your best needs.

Nanbu Tekki

Nambu ironware is very popular not only in Japan but also overseas for its high quality and excellent designs.

Swan Ice Shaver