Cut one vegetable into 12 perfectly sized slices in a matter of seconds!
Perfect for sushi restaurants that prepare rolls, the Vegg-Splitter allows anyone to cut various vegetables perfectly every time. Ideal for cucumbers and other long and firm type vegetables.

1) Place the Vegg-Splitter on a solid, flat surface. 2) When placing the vegetable inside the splitter, make sure it is placed diredtly in the center.
3) Place the Vegetable into the orifice. 4) Using the palm of your hand, push the vegetable directly down into the splitter.
5) While bracing the unit, pull the half cut vegetable with the other hand. Make sure to pull directly downwards for a straight, clean cut. 6) Your cut vegetables are done!
!Do Not Wash in Diswasher!
-Clean after every use with water and soft sponge. Do not use strong detergents as they will damage blades.
-Always thoroughtly dry after cleaning and before storing
Do Not push the vegetable using your fingers!!!

The blades are extremely sharp and will easily cut your fingers!!

Always push the vegetables using the palm of your hands!!