We provide high quality restaurant equipments

J.C. uni-tec, Inc. opened its doors to the public in the early 1990's. Since then, we have settled into a very small and specialized niche of the business world. We now offer consulting services for safety and sanitation certification (UL, NSF, and CSA) and carry a unique and specialized line of high quality restaurant equipment.

Whether it be indirectly through our consultation services or directly through our own line of products, at J.C. uni-tec, Inc. it is our goal to provide public access to the highest quality restaurant equipment.


    Our consulting services has primarily emphasized on bringing Japanese products to the American market. The safety and sanitation certification requirements in America are often different from those of other countries. Often times, Japanese companies are unfamiliar with the safety and sanitation certification process, and when certifying their products, they are required to make minor technical modifications to their products. Sometimes, this process is simple, and sometimes it is not. In either case, we make sure that things get done and that they get done right. Visit our Consulting Services page for further information.


    Our products are the only items on the market of their kind. Each of our product lines are engineered by the delicate and precise hands of known experts who have been in their respective industries for decades. From our line of Taiji products to the extraordinary hand crafted sushi showcases created by Kanzen, our product lines introduce exquisite kitchen equipment made with quality, safety, and convenience in mind.

    Whether you're opening a new restaurant, are planning on renovating your current restaurant, or are a distributor looking for a new product to add your line, keep in mind the quality of our products. Many other products exist that are similar to ours, however, often times those products will not have safety or sanitary certifications, and are made of cheap materials, resulting in a short lasting and potentially hazardous product.

    We don't try to hassle you with aggressive sales of our products. Our products sell themselves. We are confident of the quality and design of our producst , and we encourage you to educate yourself when searching for good quality equipment similar to ours. Compare our products. Ask us questions. If you find a comparable product to one of ours, give us a call to ask us questions to clarify the differences.


    Our consulting services deal with certifying products with UL, NSF, and CSA certification. With over eight years of experience, we have developed connections with these various agencies. Projects taken on by us are pushed through the certification process at significantly faster rates than through normal certification channels.

    As your consultant, we will be responsible for all correspondence, billing and any other logistical aspect that is associated with your project.

    For further details or questions, pleaseĀ contact us.