Next Generation Descaler Conceived and Created by Chefs

Model PU-001
Material: Food Grade Rubber
Stainless Steel
Dimensions: L21xW11x8cm
Weight: 272g
Made in Japan

Internationally Patented
  • Works with many kinds of fish
  • Easy preparation, easy cleaning afterward
  • No more fish scales all over the preparation area; less bacterial, viral contamination
  • Without scales, fish can be cut easily and safely

Descaling fish by scraping with a knife or other conventional tool can be difficult and messy; scales flying all over the place causing you to spend a lot of time to clean afterward. And it can also damage the fish meat resulting in rather unappetizing cuts of fish.

Red Snapper, Sea Bass - large, hard scales

Hold Remover with your thumb facing toward Descaling rubber pad.
Use the forward corner edge moving in strong, long strokes.

Smaller Red Snapper, Sillago - small fish

Use the 3 corner edges moving in short strokes. Hold Remover at a steeper angle.

Flounder, Salmon - small, soft scales

Use the whole length of a edge moving in long strokes.
Apply scraping motion.

Yellowtail - large fish

Hold Remover with your thumb facing toward the handle's open end.
Move in strong, long strokes. Apply scraping motion.

  • To work on the soft area around the pelvic fins, hold Remover at a steeper angle.
  • Before you start descaling, use Remover to remove the slime on the surface.
  • Make sure to frequently rinse removed scales and slime off Remover while descaling.
  • Make sure the fish surface is not dry or frozen.
  • Dulled Descaling Rubber Pad edges can be reshaped repeatedly using a knife as long as enough rubber remains covering the stainless core.
  • Do not use hot water to clean Remover; dishwasher is OK.
  • Do not use excessive force to descale especially around hard areas such as red snapper head.