• Better quality rice prepared
    in commercial quantities

  • Traditional pressure cooking
    in commercial quantities

Mighty Mikey Pressure Cooker

Commercial Grade
General Use Pressure Cooker



Commercial Sized Pressure Cooker

The commercial grade, general use Mighty Mikey pressure cookers are excellent additions to anyone’s menu and bottom line!
Equipped with essential safety features, the Mighty Mikey commercial pressure cooker is an excellent tool to create bold and new dishes or to enhance old menu items.

The Smarter Cooking Tool

The Mighty Mikey helps to bring the overlooked art of pressure cooking back to the commercial kitchen.
Some of the many extraordinary benefits of pressure cooking include:

• Reduced gas/energy consumption
• Tenderizing tough cuts of meat WITHOUT chemicals or additional cooking tools
• Pressure cooking essentially forces marinades into foods during cooking,
  which essentially combines the process of cooking and marinading into one step
• Efficient cooking for high altitudes and low ambient temperature conditions

Excellent for Cooking Rice

Similar to the JPC-1000, cooking rice in the Mighty Mikey makes better rice by:

• Enhancing sweetness and texture
• Eliminates the need for grain polishing or soaking
• Various types of rice can be cooked, including (but not limited to):
-Long/Med/Short grains

Patented Safety Cap

(Underside of Lid)

Patented Safety Cap
eliminates Clogging.

Color Coded Emergency
Pressure Release Valve

Multiple purpose valve:
1) Color Coded to indicate pressure inside the cooker.
2) Automatically releases pressure when dangerous levels of pressure are reached.
3) Helps release steam faster.

Might Mikey Product Specs
Model 24L 20L
Dimensions (inches) 22" x 16" x 13.5" 20.5" x 14.5" x 12"
Weight 17lbs 15lbs
Safety Device Safety Cap, Color Coded Pressure Release Valve
Safety Certifications