AIHO Food Slicer


Hi-Spec Slicer
Foodslicer FS-130

Foodslicer FS-130E

Standard Slicer
Foodslicer FS-36

Foodslicer FS-36

Various cutting methods with a full range of option plates

Single Blade

2 Blades

Wagiri Plate

ichimaiba nimaiba wagiri
Mainly for chopping leafy vegetables.
There are two types of cutting thickness, 30 mm and 40 mm.
Mainly for cutting leafy vegetables.
There are eight types of cutting thickness:
1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 10, 15, and 20 mm.
The cutting thickness is 1 to 20 mm and can be freely adjusted, making it a highly versatile plate.
hakusai Bok_choy yasai

1mm Fixing Plate

Oroshi Plate

Marusen Plate

1mmkotei oroshi marusen
Ideal for uniform cutting of 1 mm thickness such as shredded cabbage. Ideal for oroshi radish. Ideal for burdock sasagiri.
You need a sasagiri guide and a sensor for the sasagiri guide.
cabbage oroshi gobou

Tanzaku 3x4mm Plate

Tanzaku 3x15mm Plate

Tanzaku 6x6mm Plate

3x4 3x15 6x6
blade_3x4 blade_3x15 blade_6x6
The thinnest 3x4mm square in
tanzaku cutting.
For 3x15mm square Tanzaku cutting. For 6x6mm square Tanzaku cutting.
carrot daikon daikon

Tanzaku 10x10mm Plate

Tanzaku 10x20mm Plate

10x10 10x20
10x10 10x20
For 10x10mm square Tanzaku cutting. The thickest 10x20mm square in Tanzaku cutting.
potato carrot

There are also evolved high-grade Tanzaku plates.

Independent construction of each individual vertical blade ensures high quality finish without clogging of food ingredients.
Every corner of the cutter plate can be cleaned after use, and the blade can be replaced in single units.

Tanzaku 3x4mm HG Plate

Tanzaku 3x15mm HG Plate

Tanzaku 6x6mm HG Plate

3x4 3x15 6x6

Tanzaku 10x10mm HG Plate

Tanzaku 10x20mm HG Plate

10x10 10x20
Dimensions 44-11/16”tall x47-23/64”wide x 21-27/32”deep 48-1/32”tall x44”wide x 17-5/16”deep
Net Weight 330.7Lbs 209.5Lbs
Sliceing Capacity 880-6,613Lbs/Hr 595-4,409Lbs/Hr
Power Requirement 200V 60Hz 0.95kw 3 Phase 115V 60Hz 0.6kw Single Phase