JT-8000 Gyoza Maker

gyoza Features the innovative roller output system for securely wrapping dumplings that prevents the filling from spilling out (unlike the clamping style of most current machines). This feature produces quality gyoza regardless of skin thickness.

Interchangeable rollers that are customized to your order can be adjusted to make quality Gyoza to your specifications, including customized Gyoza shape, filling amount, skin thickness, etc., with an output weight of 15 - 25g. JT-8000 produces appetizing Shumai, delectable thin skin Gyoza for grilling, and thick skin dumplings for water boiling. With an output capacity of 1000 dumplings per hour, this compact machine is easy to assemble and disassemble, and all food zone parts are removable and washable. JT-8000

W/420mm x L/460mm x H/700 mm