Oshikiri Products


The Oshikiri Denki lines of electricity powered restaurant equipment are designed to meet the demands of restaurateurs searching for high performance equipment.

Unlike gas powered equipment that can have inconsistent flame burning or even dangerous gas leaks, the Oshikiri Denki product line runs only on electricity. That means that the heat output will always remain consistent and that all food can be cooked in the same, consistent manner.

In addition to working off of electricity, each line of the Oshikiri Denki products have features that stand out from other similar equipment. Whether it be the super-heated coils of the yakitori grills or the hagama style noodle boiler, every line will either perform more efficiently or more conveniently than most (if not all) other similar pieces of equipment.

Contact J.C. uni-tec, Inc. or your local distributor for more details on how each piece of Oshikiri Denki equipment is operator friendly, easy to clean, and well worth your investment.