• Commercial grade gas pressure cookers give a new choice.

  • Traditional pressure cooking
    in commercial quantities




Commercial grade gas pressure cookers give a new choice.

- No polishing or soaking is required.
- Uses higher steaming heat and pressure make cooking faster and save energy.
- Produces better taste and texture cooking.
- Extremely effective with high altitude area cooking.
- Extremely effective with low temperature environment.
- Cook a variety of Grain (Wild rice, Brown, Long/Medium/Short grain rice)
- Cooking capacity is 6.6-15.4 Lbs (3.0-7.0kg)

JPC-1000 Commercial Grade Gas Rice Pressure Cooker

The JPC-1000 Commercial Grade Gas Rice Cooker is an energy efficient commercial gas pressure cooker that not only cooks rice faster than conventional gas rice cookers, but it also uses about 1/3 less power. It also cooks brown and wild rice, which are notoriously difficult to cook with commercial grade rice cookers.

Combined with the multiple safety features, including the patented Safety Cap, the JPC-1000 is an ideal solution for safe, efficient, high volume production of various types of rice in a commercial kitchen.

The Smarter Alternative

The JPC-1000 series of gas rice pressure cookers give you a new choice in convenient production of the best tasting and largest quantity of rice (30-50 cups) at minimal cost. Cook a variety of rice including: White rice, Wild rice, Brown rice

Efficient, Ecological Operation

Unlike conventional commercial gas rice cookers, the JPC-1000 uses a pressure cooker that:
- Uses higher heat to cook faster
- Uses about 1/3 less energy to cook compared to other commercial gas rice cookers
- Is extremely effective with high altitude cooking and cooking in low temperature environments

Safer, Better Operation

- Equipped with the patented Safety Cap that eliminates clogging
- Built in Thermocouple Flame Failure Safety Device
- Color Coded Safety Pressure Release Valve
- One touch piezo ignitor
- Automated Operations

3 Pressure Weights are Included

Patented Safety Cap

(Underside of Lid)

Patented Safety Cap
eliminates Clogging.

Color Coded Emergency
Pressure Release Valve

Multiple purpose valve:
1) Color Coded to indicate pressure inside the cooker.
2) Automatically releases pressure when dangerous levels of pressure are reached.
3) Helps release steam faster.

JPC-1000 Product Specs
Model JPC-1000 NG JPC-1000 LP
Gas Type Natural Gas Propane Gas
Gas Supply Pressure (Water Colum=WC) 6" W.C. 11" W.C.
Burner Power 31,700 BTU/hr (8,000Kcal/hr)
Dimensions (inches) 22.8" x 22.4" x 18.1"
Weight 35.3lbs
Cooking Capacity White rice (Other rice types will vary) 20 (3.0kg) to 50 (7.5kg) cups
Ignition Device Piezo Igniter
Safety Device Thermocouple Sensor
Safety Certifications