Smokeless Roaster Low Voltage Electric Roaster (For Yakiniku)

The power of charcoal-only it's electiric!

Charcoal Strength
Easy controls with only 3 settings (High/Med/Low). At high heat, it takes 90 secs to reach 850C. This is the max temp for charcoal.

Food products do not have any burn marks. Evaporated water keeps meat moist during grilling.

Although built to opearte on 230/208V, the transfomer inside the unit lowers the high voltage to 23/20.8V.

Quiet Operation
Since there is no ventilation fan needed with this system, the unit operates very quietly.

Water Tray
The water drip tray catches all food drippings during grilling, and is strategically placed far from the heat source so the water will not evaporate quickly.

Easy to Clean
The stainless steel grilling net is easy to clean.

Name New Type Roaster (Square) New Type Roaster (Oval)
Model KLV-234[T], [S] MLV-234[T], [S]
Heater Square shape low voltage heater Oval shape low voltage heater
Watts Single phase 50/60Hz, 230/208V, 3.519/3.536kw
Amps 19.55A
Heater Specification
Capacity 3.91 kW
Voltage 230 V
Amp 19.55 A
Heater Temp MAX 850 °C
Allowance ± 5%
Top Panel Wooden (Surface : Decorative Sheet)
Heater 1φ230V Nickel chrome alloy wire
Heater Control 1φ230V 3.519 A Low/Mid/High
Operation Heat Control Switch, Power Indicator
Breaker Trigger Point 40 A

* [T] Table, [S] Low Table
Includes one year limited warranty.
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