Sushi Showcase

Compressor Stand

Compressor stand with adjustable SS steel foot( 1.25" )

Fit all size compressor.(10"/H x 12"/W x14'/L)

Material: Sturdy 1" square 6105-75 extruded Aluminum with clear Anodized.

This involves immersing the aluminum in a chemical bath and applying an electrical current to it, causing oxide to be produced from the resulting rust on the aluminum. This layer of oxide hardens the aluminum and makes it resistant to corrosion.

Adjustable Height
KRG & KRD sushi case Installation request:  Condensing unit, Constant Expansion Valve and Compressor Stand
*Compressor stand: Health Dept request minimum 10" height for condensing unit stand.
More information: Please contact your local kitchen equipment supplier or JC uni-tec, Inc .