FUJI Sushi Showcase

KRD Series

This is the most popular of the Fuji Sushi Showcase line. Constructed with a smaller stainless steel frame than the KRG Series, the KRD has a slightly more compact interior space. The KRD has a removable R-Glass cover for easier cleaning.

The compressor unit (available separately) is detached from the unit for easier space management. Up to two separate showcase units may be attached to one compressor. The strength of the compressor is dependent on the distance of placement from the showcase and the number of showcases attached.

The KRD comes in 4, 5, 6, and 7 feet sizes. Showcase comes standard with clear glass sliding doors, drain cap, plastic sliding door rods, and stainless steel sunokos. Optional frost and plexiglass sliding doors available.

1201 (4')
Ht = 10.7" (271.78mm) Width = 11.4" (289.56mm) Length = 47.2" (1,198.88mm)
1501 (5')
Ht = 10.7" (271.78mm) Width = 11.4" (289.56mm) Length = 59.1" (1,501.14mm)
1801 (6')
Ht = 10.7" (271.78mm) Width = 11.4" (289.56mm) Length = 70.9" (1,800.86mm)
2101 (7')
Ht = 10.7" (271.78mm) Width = 11.4" (289.56mm) Length = 79.1" (2,009.14mm)

*Price includes one year limited warranty. Tax applies only to purchasers within the states of CA and IL. *For more information, pleaseĀ contact us.