• HC-12UVe comes with a UV sterilizing lamp that operates only when the door is closed (The light is on in the picture for display purposes only.).

  • The HC-6 fits anywhere, colorful bodies, 6 liters capacity.

  • The CC-8 fits about 15-25 towels depending on towel size.


Towel Warmers

Hot Cabi HC-12UVe

• Engery efficient
• Inexpensive
• Sterilizing ultraviolet lamp
(sterilizing lamp does not work while the door is opened)

Imagine. A warm towel, always ready. To steam away cares. Soothe the spirit. Cleanse and refresh the body. That’s what a Mini Cabi or Hot Cabi towel warmer from Taiji offers. A healing, hygienic touch at affordable prices and highest standards of quality. Practical for health care, beauty care. Anyt ime. A warm towel. Waiting.

Specifications HC-12UVe
Supply Voltage AC 110-120V, 220-240V
Power consumption 200W
Temp. Control Elec. control
Cabinet inside temp. 158º -176º F (70º -80º C)
Safety device Thermal fuse
Outside dimensions 17.91" x 12.59" x 11.41" (W455 x D320 x H290mm)
Inside dimensions 14.48" x 8.38" X 6.69" (W368 x D213 XH170mm)
Capacity 13 liters (50-70 hand towels)
Weight 7.5 kgs.
Accessories Basket, removable x 1pc., drain tray x1pc
Safety standard UL / CE approved
Sterilizing lamp GTL-2 2W

*Price includes one year limited warranty. Tax applies only to purchasers within the states of CA and IL. *For more information, please contact us.