TAIJI Sake Warmers


Newest model with standard options of FSW Series plus additional features. Uses cubic sake container box. Best suited for medium to high volume restaurants and for states with regulations for alcohol dispensing machines (ie Florida)

High Points -Larges capacity to heat sake
-Fastest dispensing rate
-Manual dispensing switch
-Sake overspill tray
-Uses cubic sake container box
Dimensions W14.8" x D9.8" x H20.3" (W375.92 x D248.92 x H1,309.624mm)
Dispensing Speed Fast
Sake Loading Method Sake Loading Method
Cubic Sake Container

*Price includes one year limited warranty. Tax applies only to purchasers within the states of CA and IL. *For more information, please contact us.


1) Connect silicone tubing piece to Cubic Sake Container Adaptor (supplied by cubic sake container distributor). Be sure the tube is on at least 1/2” of the nozzle. Connect the adaptor to the cubic sake container by holding the lever while fitting the tube on the spout.

2) Turn the adaptor to the “OPEN” position. Then attach the blue clip stopper to the silicone tubing. Attach this to the Cubic Sake Container.
3) Place the cubic container on the holding platform with the adaptor in the "On" position. (Cubic Container not shown)

4) Connect the silicon tubing to the outlet shown above. 
Don't twist white valve, doing so will result in twisting off the tube and leakage. Only use the clip to stop sake in the tube.

Be sure to keep the blue clip stopper for future replacements of the cubic container.

5) Remove the blue clip stopper. The machine is ready to dispense sake. Be sure to keep the blue clip stopper for future replacements of the cubic container.


- The Cubic Sake Container Adaptor is supplied by your sake distributor, NOT J.C.uni-tec, Inc.
- Wetting the tubing will make it easier to slip on and off
- Please read instruction manual for operating instructions of the sake warmer unit.
- Please do not lose the blue stopper clip. If you lose the blue stopper clip, replacement clips may be purchased from J.C. uni-tec, Inc.