• Based on the traditional art of creating tsuma and katsura maki, the HNK-25 cuts vegetables along the radial surface, creating perfectly sliced long, thin sheets, or noodle shape.

  • Latest development of kinpira cutter. Best suited for supermarket, lunch cater shops.

  • A combination of the cutter and regulating plate. Will cut 3kgs. per minute.

  • An all-around cutter for restaurants with the wide slit and blade disk of high-speed rotation.

  • Perfectly ideal for long stemmed vegetables, the OHC-50A slices through bunches of long stalks in less than one minute.

  • The perfect cabbage slicing machine. After loading and turning on, the cabbage will automatically be fed into the machine.

  • A high speed grade-up cabbage slicer equipped with a drum that can slice 4-5 heads of cabbages per each time.

  • Highly recommended for slicing all varieties of onion/leek as well as root vegetables and fruits.




There is no need to press on the cabbage while slicing. The turning drum and round blade is designed so that the cabbage is self-feeding and slices freely. Cutting time for 1 head cabbage is 2-3 minutes. Cut cabbage in half and remove the core and feed into drum.

  • Lettuce

  • Green Bell Peppers

  • Red Bell Peppers

  • Bitter Mellon and Zucchini

  • Onion
OPTIONAL RCS-60A Attachment Directions
How to Attach
  1. Turn off power, unplug power cord from outlet, and make sure the unit is not moving.
  2. As demonstrated in the picture, with the attachment’s “teeth” facing up and with the flat sides parallel to the user, use both hands and slowly lower the attachment into the machine.
  3. Using both hands, lightly press on the attachment so as to completely insert it into the feeding hole of the unit. Do not use more pressure than necessary to accomplish this task.
  4. Insert completely until the “teeth” hit the top of the drum stopping it from going in any further. When inserting, make sure the attachment does not go in diagonally. When the attachment is inserted, it makes the machine unstable. Be sure to always use two attachments to avoid any instability while in use.
How to Remove
  1. Turn off power, unplug power cord from outlet, and make sure the unit is not moving.
  2. Insert your finger into the eyelet opening on the attachment. Pull straight up and remove.
How to Use the Onion Attachment
  1. Turn off power, unplug power cord from outlet, and make sure the unit is not moving.
  2. Trim the onion of its top and bottom ends. Peel. (The largest diameter of any onion that can be accommodated is 4.13 inches and 3.54 inches on either sides of the attachment.)
  3. Putting the cut side down, begin filling in both sides of the attachment with onions. Never place onions in the machine higher than the height of the drum. Doing to will result in machine malfunction and personal injury.
  4. Adjust the thickness of your onions to your desire. Plug in the machine. Begin to process by switching the machine to “on.”
  5. When the onions have reached a low level in the processor, stop the machine and reload. Continue the steps as described above until all onions have been processed. Caution: Never place onions in the machine while it is in use. Doing so will result in machine malfunction and personal injury.
How to Care for the Onion Attachment
  1. After removing, wash attachment with only nonabrasive detergents.
  2. After washing, wipe away any remaining moisture with a dry towel. 
    The attachment is dishwasher and boiling water-safe. Be careful not to get burned when using hot water.
All units can cut any type of vegetable. However, for best results, it is recommended that the specific vegetable types indicated for each unit be used.
Model RCS-60A
Watts 150W
Weight 14kgs
Dimensions W14.2" x H17" x L14.2"(W362mm x H432mm x L362mm)
Vegetable Type Spherical Leaf Structured
Approximate cutting time 2-3 mins / cabbage head
Slice Thickness 0"-.19" (0-5mm)

*Price includes one year limited warranty. Tax applies only to purchasers within the states of CA and IL. *For more information, please contact us.